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Greetings! Here are the three rules we agreed on in the first class meeting:

1) Attack the argument, not the author. You should absolutely feel free to disagree with the readings or each other, but don’t attack people personally–i.e. explain why you disagree with what they’ve said, not what you think it says about their intellect or moral status. Not only is it mean, it’s often a logical fallacy that undermines your argument.

2) Follow standard usage (at least mostly). The writing here does not need to be as formal as most academic papers. You can use the first person, use fragments/bullet points if that helps you get your point across. Profanity and occasional internet slang are fine. Just try to avoid shortcuts and styles that are annoying or difficult to read, like ALL CAPS or r u kidding me?

3) Check the credibility of your sources. There’s lots of information on the internet, not all of it reliable. If you’re bringing in outside sources, try to figure out where the information came from and whether or not it’s likely to be false or biased. If you’re not sure about a source, try to verify the information elsewhere.

4) Respect each others’ anonymity. You can reveal as much or as little about yourself as you like, but don’t reveal identifying characteristics or personal information about anyone else unless they’ve already made that information part of the discussion.

One more guideline, though it’s not a hard and fast rule: Please stay on-topic. Off-topic posts & comments may be deleted. But all links and thoughts related to the course are welcome, whether or not you’re signed up to post on that particular day!

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