President Message


Being Founder / president IWO, I can proudly claim that I have achieved most of my lifetime objectives through the Organization, as I have been able to solve the problems of needy people of my country.

Illiteracy is one of the biggest problems in Pakistan, and the responsibility lies on us to solve it through all out efforts by the people, community based organizations and the government as well. We must strive hard to promote literacy among neglected children. 

 I feel that I have to do something in my life for those children who are unable to reach a school for education. I want to work for the poor through financial donations and contributions provided by the members of IWO.

 The Journey from transforming IWO Social Welfare organization is very hard to explain. I am thankful to Allah Almighty for giving us strength and power to setup and run this organization to achieve our vision of a world without poverty, in which every person can struggle for his  / her rights to live with dignity and justice. I have continuously worked hard for the organization. I am soft hearted for poor people and I can never stop my self to help poor people. I want to spend my whole life to serve my nation. But this is not possible without the help of generous people and the community. Perhaps IWO is a proper platform to serve and help the needy people.  

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